unique technology concentrated in a compact body

TAD introduces the compact bookshelf-type speaker system Micro Evolution One, further perfecting TAD's sound concepts of high-dimensional sound imaging and soundfield immersion.

Inheriting the design concept of TAD's Evolution series, the TAD-ME1-K is equipped with a 16-cm woofer and 9-cm Coherent Source Transducer (CST) Driver to achieve even more outstanding sound quality throughout an entire room and extremely sharp imaging.  It also incorporates TAD's Bi-Directional Aero-Dynamic Slot (ADS) port, enabling the reproduction of natural, deep bass sound despite its compact size.


Sound in vivid true colors

TAD’s micro CST* Driver, created to produce truly natural sound. With the 14cm CST Driver already having a proven record of success, the 9cm micro driver has been made even more compact in pursuit of the point sound source concept. In addition, the directional characteristics of the coaxially configured midrange and tweeter have been matched to eliminate audio interference. The tweeter diaphragm represents a superior
standard of design, produced from lightweight, high-rigidity beryllium. Over a wide band from 420Hz to 60kHz it delivers outstanding stable sound localization and a natural sound field space.

* CST: Coherent Source Transducer

Incredible, expansive mid and bass

The 16cm woofer employs the new MACC* Diaphragm that has enhanced strength
and low internal loss for ideal vibration characteristics, as well as a magnetic circuit with
outstanding linear drive characteristics. This diaphragm employs Aramid fabric and non-woven materials that are separately formed then laminated, achieving rich and smooth mid and bass tones free of coloration with excellent linearity.

* MACC: Multi-Layered Aramid Composite Cone

Rich and natural low tones

An innovative approach to achieving ideal sound: the Bi-Directional ADS* Port.
Slit-shaped ports are positioned on both of the enclosure’s side panels with flared openings to the front and rear. The symmetrical front-back, left-right layout eliminates the effects of unwanted sound from the port as well as standing waves within the enclosure. Considering the compact size, you’ll be amazed at the rich and powerful sound field that will fill your listening room.

* Bi-Directional ADS: Bi-Directional Aero-Dynamic Slot


Model No



3-way bass reflex bookshelf

Drive Units

Woofer: 16cm cone

Midrange/tweeter: coaxial 9cm cone/2.5cm dome

Performance Data

Frequency response: 36Hz to 60kHz

Crossover frequencies: 420Hz, 2.5kHz

Maximum input: 150W

Sensitivity: 85dB (2.83V, 1m)

Nominal impedance: 4Ω


Weight: 20kg (1 unit) 

Dimensions: 251mm (W) × 411mm (H) × 402mm (D)


short cable × 2, cleaning cloth, owner’s manual, anti-slip pad × 4



TAD-ME1 Speaker Stand

Model No

TAD-ST3-K (1 pair per package)

Accessory kit (for 2 units): spike (L) × 6, spike (S) × 6, spike shoe × 6, spike (for height adjustment) × 4, screw (for attaching base to struts M6) × 8, screw (for attaching top board to struts M6) × 8, screw (for attaching speaker M6) × 4

Weight: 16kg (1 unit) 

Dimensions after assembly:  376mm (W) × 652mm (H) × 460.2mm (D) (1 unit)