Delivering a Truly Immersive, Soul-Stirring Music-Listening Experience to Proud Owners of Our Products

What the TAD Brand Stands for

Technical Audio Devices (TAD) was originally the name given to a project launched by Tokyo-based Pioneer Electronic Corporation (currently Pioneer Corporation) in 1975 to develop high-end speakers for professional use. The term embodies the belief held by the late Bart Locanthi, then a renowned professional audio engineer in the United States and a technical advisor to the project, that "genuine technology is true to the basics and that genuine technology places greater importance on sound quality than on technology for its own sake." This belief stresses the importance of an engineering approach backed by thorough theoretical evaluations and accurate testing and infuses an uncompromising pursuit of engineering perfection into the TAD brand and has been upheld for more than 40 years. For years to come, we will continue to create high-end audio products that are true to intentions of musicians and that deliver a truly immersive, soul-stirring music-listening experience to proud owners.



"The Artistic Intent, Intant."

We at TADL make products that reproduce the genuine sound without adding any artificial coloration or omitting any of original musical nuances. This design philosophy, which has been embraced by every one of our engineers and incorporated into every TAD product since the founding of the brand, has been enthusiastically received by professional studio engineers around the world.

To design TAD speakers and audio components to reproduce the genuine sound, our engineers combine a legacy of our proprietary technologies with leading-edge materials, parts, and technologies. This approach enables TAD products to delivery a being-there experience to listeners. Listeners feel as if they were sitting in a front-row seat in a concert hall and enjoying music being played right in front of them, temporarily forgetting the existence of speakers and audio components in their room. We call this concept “the Artistic Intent, Intact.”



To turn the concept “the Artistic Intent, Intact” into reality, we take an engineering approach backed by thorough theoretical evaluations and accurate testing, for which the TAD brand stands.

The speakers are designed to achieve a “high-dimensional fusion of the sound image and sound field,” and CST (Coherent Source Transducer) technology enables “reproduction with controlled directivity over a wide frequency range from a single point with uniform phase”. In addition, the beryllium diaphragm capable of ultra-wide-range reproduction of sound up to 100 kHz, and the technologies such as the Silent* enclosure, Aerodynamic Port System (ADS), and Bi-Directional ADS Port for richer and more powerful bass reproduction, enable to deliver high-dimensional sound imaging and sound-field immersion and reproduce the genuine sound.

Inheriting and refining technologies originally applied by Pioneer to the Exclusive Series high-end audio components, we incorporate into all TAD amplifiers and disc players a fully symmetrical design for left and right channels, right down to the circuit topology, PC board, and wiring, and the fully balanced circuitry from input to output. To achieve ultimate sound purity, we use a variety of parts exclusively developed for TAD audio components.

All TAD audio components employ a variety of custom-made parts to achieve high-quality sound reproduction.



All TAD products are designed with meticulous attention to detail and based on extensive theoretical analyses. Our master engineers conduct numerous listening evaluations of a prototype and refine its design and specifications down to the smallest details possible until they determine that the product under development meets the stringent design standards with which all TAD products must comply in order to communicate the extent of music exactly as it was originally performed.

The same level of attention to detail can be found on the production line. Every TAD product is hand-assembled by certified artisans on our lines in Japan. Certified artisans with exceptional expertise and skills hand-assemble compression drivers that require micron-level precision and other components into TAD speakers. A certified artisan is responsible for an entire process of hand-assembling parts and circuit boards into TAD audio components on the production line, with attention paid down to such small details as controlling the amount of torque applied to screws fixing parts to circuit boards.

The same level of passion and dedication that engineers put into designing TAD products is shared by artisans who transform the engineering designs into masterpieces we market with pride around the world.




Nearly 30 years after the first TAD-branded speakers were released, Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. (TADL) was spun off from Pioneer Corporation in 2007 as a company dedicated to developing and marketing a broader range of TAD-branded products, which include high-end amplifiers and disc players designed to bring the best out of TAD speakers. TADL’s mission is to inherit and advance the engineering prowess and assets accumulated by Pioneer in the high-end audio field over the years.


  1. We offer products that deliver a truly immersive, soul-stirring music-listening experience and that make their owners proud.

  2. We hand-assemble every one of our products using the finest technologies and with uncompromising attention to detail, no matter how technology evolves and no matter how people enjoy music changes over time.

  3. We continue to innovate by incorporating new materials and technologies into our product design while adhering to the basic engineering policy and industrial design concept we have refined over the years.

  4. We design our products that withstand the test of time and employ materials and technologies available only in Japan to enhance their artistic appeal.

  5. We actively promote social action to protect the environment by striving to use environmentally friendly materials and design for energy efficiency.

Company name
Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc.
Bunkyo Green Court 2-28-8, Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0021, Japan
October 1, 2007
Shinji Tarutani