The Evolution Series applying our commitment of accurate reproduction to emerging technology, a new path of listening pleasure has been achieved.
By definition, evolution is a process of continuous change.

The Evolution Series is defined by combining TAD DNA with the latest and Materials Research, electro engineering and manufacturing techniques built to the same exacting standards as a reference series by certified artisans , but with a nod toward the changing methods used to distribute, reproduce and listen to music, the Evolution Series delivers boundless joy and pure TAD sound.

evolution serieS - Speaker Systems

The Evolution One TX - Floorstanding Speaker System
Model No. TAD-E1TX-K

The Compact Evolution One - Bookshelf Speaker System
Model No. TAD-CE1TX-WN

The Micro Evolution One - Bookshelf Speaker System
Model No. TAD-ME1-K / TAD-ME1-S

The Evolution Two - Floor-standing Speaker System
Model No. TAD-E2-WN


Power Amplifier
Model No. TAD-M1000-S / TAD-M1000-K

Digital /Analog Converter
Model No. TAD-DA1000TX-S / TAD-DA1000TX-K*

Power Amplifier
Model No. TAD-M2500MK2

Disc Player
Model No. TAD-D1000TX-S / TAD-D1000TX-K*

Model No. TAD-C2000
No Longer in Production

* Built-to-order model