The Artistic Intent, Intact: No Artificial Coloration Added,
No Original Musical Nuances Omitted

High-end audio manufacturers can be divided into two camps: One camp pursues reproduction of music with the ultimate realism of recorded performance; the other adds subtle tonal coloration to the original to make it sound more pleasing to listeners. We at TADL make products that reproduce the genuine sound without adding any artificial coloration or omitting any of original musical nuances. This design philosophy, which has been embraced by every one of our engineers and incorporated into every TAD product since the founding of the brand, has been enthusiastically received by professional studio engineers around the world.

To design TAD speakers and audio components to reproduce the genuine sound, our engineers combine a legacy of our proprietary technologies with leading-edge materials, parts, and technologies. This approach enables TAD products to delivery a being-there experience to listeners. Listeners feel as if they were sitting in a front-row seat in a concert hall and enjoying music being played right in front of them, temporarily forgetting the existence of speakers and audio components in their room. We call this concept “the Artistic Intent, Intact.”

TAD Sound Philosophy

"TAD: The Artistic Intent, Intact"

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