TAD’s Core Technologies That
Turn the Concept “the Artistic Intent, Intact” into Reality

TAD Reference Speakers

TAD Speakers

TAD Audio Components

TAD Audio Components

To turn the concept “the Artistic Intent, Intact” into reality, we take an engineering approach backed by thorough theoretical evaluations and accurate testing, for which the TAD brand stands.

TAD speakers employ the beryllium-diaphragm-featured CST Driver, capable of ultra-wide-range reproduction of sound up to 100 kHz, as well as the SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology) cabinet and the Aerodynamic Port System (ADS) in order to deliver high-dimensional sound imaging and sound-field immersion and reproduce the genuine sound. The CST Driver is featured in every TAD speaker, ranging from the top-of-the-line TAD-R1 to the affordable TAD-ME1. Speaker Systems in the Evolution Series are equipped with the Bi-Directional Aerodynamic Slot Port, an advanced version of the ADS, to achieve richer and more powerful bass reproduction.

Inheriting and refining technologies originally applied by Pioneer to the Exclusive Series high-end audio components, we incorporate into all TAD amplifiers and disc players a fully symmetrical design for left and right channels, right down to the circuit topology, PC board, and wiring, and the fully balanced circuitry from input to output. To achieve ultimate sound purity, we use a variety of parts exclusively developed for TAD audio components.

As an example, every TAD SACD/CD player and digital/analog converter is equipped with the Ultra-High Precision Crystal Generator (UPCG) to achieve sound purity. While conventional CD players pursue the accuracy of a master clock to achieve the precision of D/A conversion, our engineers, who have years of experience in developing LaserDisc players and DVD players, focus on improving the carrier-to-noise ratio of a crystal oscillator to achieve the most accurate sound reproduction capability. In other words, our approach is to pursue the purity—rather than the accuracy—of a master clock. Some CD players employ rubidium oscillators or cesium oscillators to achieve clock accuracy. Our engineers found from extensive computer-aided analyses and listening evaluations that reducing jitter in the frequency band around the clock’s center frequency is more effective than improving the clock accuracy in order to reproduce distortion-free sound.

As a result, every TAD SACD/CD player and D/A converter employs a new proprietary crystal oscillator that, compared with conventional players, reduces the noise level by more than 50 dB at a point 1 Hz from the clock’s center frequency, resulting in the reproduction of jitter-free sound of the highest purity.

All TAD audio components employ a variety of custom-made parts to achieve high-quality sound reproduction.

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