Artisanship in its Finest Form

All TAD products are designed with meticulous attention to detail and based on extensive theoretical analyses. Our master engineers conduct numerous listening evaluations of a prototype and refine its design and specifications down to the smallest details possible until they determine that the product under development meets the stringent design standards with which all TAD products must comply in order to communicate the extent of music exactly as it was originally performed.

The same level of attention to detail can be found on the production line. Every TAD product is hand-assembled by certified artisans on our lines in Japan: TAD speakers are assembled on a dedicated line set up in Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, located in Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture, and TAD audio components are assembled in Kawagoe Plant of Pioneer Corporation, located in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture.

Certified artisans with exceptional expertise and skills hand-assemble compression drivers that require micron-level precision and other components into TAD speakers.

A certified artisan is responsible for an entire process of hand-assembling parts and circuit boards into TAD audio components on the production line, with attention paid down to such small details as controlling the amount of torque applied to screws fixing parts to circuit boards.

The same level of passion and dedication that engineers put into designing TAD products is shared by artisans who transform the engineering designs into masterpieces we market with pride around the world.

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